Shaun's story, a brief summary of creative experience and growth.


Hi, my name is Patrick Shaun McNicholas. I was born in St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa Florida in 1968 and lived in "Town-n-Country" until the age of 12. I fondly remember walking to school with my brother and neighborhood children, without parents the 2 miles between my house and Morgan Woods Elementary. I remember my first crush there in 2nd grade, and developing a knack at drawing at a very young age. At the time I wanted to study everything and continued that passion well into my adult life. I studied a vast array of disciplines however art was the primary passion and I had an extremely successful career into my 30s as a designer and creative director for a number of companies. 

My family moved to Hudson Florida while I was in middle school and I completed Middle and High School at Bayonet Point and then Hudson High School "Go Cobras!". During middle and high school I studied mathematics, creative writing and art, and in high school while computers were beginning to become more affordable and accessible I studied programing in Basic on a Radio Shack TRS-80, and then on a Commodore 64 where I programmed my first drawing program and a version of Pac Man. While I did maintain computer programming and mathematics as passions and expanded into the piano and music I was always primarily a painter and illustrator. 

I competed in dozens of competitions throughout school and won first or second place in most competitions from the Florida State Fair to the National Scholastic Art Awards where I received many awards and was given a scholarship to Savannah College of Art and Design. Although I did not complete my four year program at S.C.A.D. I maintain some level of involvement with both that school and the National Scholastic Awards. Those achievements are what I attribute to my confidence and subsequent success. That and our high school art teacher Mr. Verge's ability to encourage our artistic abilities and get us involved in the community.

I moved to Chicago on Christmas day 1990 and planned on finishing my education at The Art Institute of Chicago however I met my beautiful wife, got married and have children and made enough money without an education to support my family. So I decided to just focus on a career and after several years as a designer and creative director I transitioned into I.T. and then taught myself several programming languages. This transition catapulted my career and for the last 25 years my primary role has been as an I.T. Director, Lead Programmer, and Chief Technology Officer for several different companies throughout the United States. These positions allowed me to travel extensively throughout the U.S. in many of the major cities, and even landed me in China once for a ten day integration and training exercise for an office in ShangHai. I definitely encourage people to travel!!!!

This past year a few months before the Corona Virus I decided now that my children have left home, it's time that I get back to pursuing my true passion. So I formed this company to do just that. 

I love large scale creative projects. My primary taste is earthy, hippie style. My favorite store is Earth Bound if that tells you anything about my style. My favorite artists are DaVinci, Dali and anyone from the renaissance period, as well as Escher because he appeals to my mathematics brain. I like warm colors and bright colorful projects. I love plants and scenery. And I love to create sanctuaries!

So if you need an environment created either at home or at work, or in the new reality of "Work At Home" I would love to help you create an atmosphere that inspires creativity and productivity. 

Reach out any time and let's talk about what you want to create!