There are so many things that completely turn me off about receiving immediate and automated messages through ANY platform...


Ok, so over the last few months I've launched several new efforts and registered 3 LLCs, and I've been gradually working on those business plans and experimenting with technology and marketing integrations while still maintaining a full time regular job. I wanted to ask everyone a question about all these in-mail messages?

There are so many things that completely turn me off about receiving immediate and automated messages through ANY platform. Especially considering that we are all now connected to each other in so many different channels of communication. The number one thing for me, in deciding whether or not I would consider working with anyone, is that I want to support all of my friends and colleagues that span the last 25+ years of working in many different industries. My realm of relationships that span the globe is immense, and I sometimes have to piece together all the different experiences to try to figure out how and where I've met a person to decide if that relationship was a good one or not, or would have been considered a relationship at all.

I currently have several hundred messages in my inbox when I wake up in the morning, several missed telephone calls and text messages, and have to log in to Facebook, Linked-In, and several other platforms to make sure I haven't missed any qualified leads, communications, or messages. Especially if someone is actually interested in purchasing a product or service from one of my companies. The last thing I need is someone from another country "I won't name any of the multiple countries most likely to in-box me... " who can't spell and has no sense of grammatical context suggesting that I hire them, or a company they represent to then take control of my communications under the promise of generating more qualified leads. If you can't understand my language well enough to communicate to me clearly and concisely, why would I trust you to write something in Angular, React, C#, PHP or any other programming language... if you haven't spent the time or effort learning how to communicate with me.

Anyone else have an opinion on the issue? Please don't PM your response to my inbox... I will ignore and delete it!!!!